The New Language And Rules Of Music

About Shosys_M

This blog is dedicated to essays about a formal system that I have created, called SHOSYS M.

Shosys M was created to be applied to isomorphic parts of music theory in order to solve problems of perfect representation and consistent confirmation of sets of states of tones and beats, and logical statements about them. Shosys M is composed of an artificial language of geometrical symbols (dark and bright circles) with a computational apparatus of rules that consistently change symbols from one form into another. When Shosys M is applied to music, the musician’s ability to represent and compute music improves, thus effecting abilities to externalize music in composition, arrange, internalize music while listening, perform from written music and form theories about music; including the improvement of previous levels of effectiveness, convenience and fidelity; despite staff notation and language.

I offer TWO FREE EBOOKS about Shosys M: „A Formal System Improves Musical Representation And Computation“ and „How Shosys M Overcomes The Problems Of Staff And Language“ on my web site at ( These books will help you to understand why and how to perfectly represent music and consistently compute musical theorems leading to better, more efficient, convenient and high fidelity music making.

After you have downloaded the free Ebooks on my site you can buy the much more detailed Ebook there; it outlines the whole system and ties music to Boolean mathematics, mechanics, electronics and physics: „SHOSYS M: The New Language And Calculus Of Music And Music Theory“ for 5.99 euro, buy the Paper Book for 15.99 euro (additional 5 euro postage), or buy a two hour personal assistance session over Skype or live in Berlin for 49.99 euro.


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